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educational philosophy

What is your educational philosophy?  Just curious as it's been awhile since I've written one, but I need to in searching for a job in a new area due to getting married.

getting to know you activities

for many of us, the beginning of the school year is right around the corner...what are some activities you do during the first week of school that get the children introduced to each other...and also maybe some activities that start getting them to work together as partners or a team?

FYI: i teach first grade.

my parents were right again...

for many years now, my dad has encouraged me to look at salvation army and goodwill for furniture.  he has gotten some amazing deals there.  i can't say that i've had much luck with the furniture, but i have had luck with children's books and games.  at goodwill today, i got 16 children's books for $8.00!!  several of them were chapter books, too!  i also got the game clue jr. for $0.50!  Sometimes you have to check and make sure all the pieces are there, but these are steals...a little bit better than going to the public library and getting books to read because these are books that you can keep!


music meme

For every year you were in high school, pick a song that was your favorite then, your favorite now, and your worst song of the year.


Best: Tom's Diner DMA
Worst: Rico Suave Gerardo
Now: OPP Naughty by Nature

Best: Real Love Mary J. Blige
Worst: Life is a Highway Tom Cochrane
Now: Baby Got Back Sir Mix A Lot

Best: Rump Shaker Wreckx N Effects
Worst: Bad Boys Inner Circle
Now: If I Ever Fall in Love Shai

Best: I Miss You Aaron Hall
Worst: Baby I Love Your Way Big Mountain
Now: I Miss You Aaron Hall

Best: Good Better Than Ezra
Worst: Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman Bryan Adams
Now: Good Better Than Ezra

This was not as easy as you may think! And I swear I had a more eclectic music taste back then!!! LOL Maybe the charts are screwy! :)


happy birthday!

i wanted to do this before i forget...i know your birthday is tomorrow, but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY rageisagift!!!! i sent your letter out today, so you should get it next week!